Experience Tilba Time

The traditional owners of the land are the Yuin people and their traditional dreamtime stories live on in the dramatic rocks and volcanic landscape. For example, Gulaga is honoured by the Yuin people, and also by more recent settlers, as the sacred mother mountain for the region.

European settlement began in the mid 1800’s.  The rich volcanic soil around the mountain became the basis for successful dairy farms and the villages of Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba were built with local eucalyptus timber.  When alluvial and reef gold was discovered on the mountain a boom ensued bringing much prosperity to the new villages in the late 1800s.  When the gold mining dwindled in the early 1900’s the dairy industry continued and Tilba became the home of world famous cheese.

In 1974 the National Trust classified the Tilba District as a place of historic and special aesthetic significance and established The Tilba Conservation Area. Since then, tourism, supporting a variety of new businesses has become the district’s main economic focus.

The unique architectural style of the villages and farm buildings set on the lush rolling foothills of Gulaga Mountain has given the district its distinctive character. Central Tilba (pop. 80) and Tilba Tilba (pop. 30) provide a “step back in time” where visitors can relax, unwind and enjoy browsing through the exciting range of interesting shops and eateries.  There is a wide selection of accommodation options available making the Tilba District a wonderful destination for a carefree holiday.

Come and experience Tilba Time!