Excellence in craftsmanship

Tilba Woodturning Gallery harks back to a former era when woodcraft was hand-made by artisans whose aim was to achieve an excellence in craftsmanship.

All of our timber products are made in Australia and utilise the rich variety of Australian timbers. Considered to be one of the best fine woodwork galleries in Australia, our collection includes pieces from every State and a large assortment of locally made woodcraft.

Also on display is a comprehensive range of lampshades featuring lead-light, copper-foil and rice-paper, all of which compliment our hand crafted timber bases.

• Dining and Coffee tables
• Kitchen Ware
• Office Ware and pens
• Rocking Horses and Toys
• Jewellery Boxes
• Mangrove sculptures
• Carved Birds
• Wind chimes
• Mirrors and clocks
• Hand crafted walking sticks
• Furniture Polish and Eucalyptus oil

All Credit Cards accepted except Diners.
Laybys welcome. Mail order available.