classic & contemporary designs

Chris, a carpenter, has a background in furniture design and antiques.  He creates a selection of faithfully, reproduced, classic Windsor chairs from a bygone age as well as chairs of contemporary design.

Local South Coast hardwoods are used for their particular qualities;

• Spotted gum is very strong, has high elasticity, is shock resistant, is tight
grained, turns well and is good for steam bending.  It is used for legs, stretchers, spindles and backposts.

• Slab cut woolybutt and forest red gum are preferred for their strength and rich red colour and are used for the seats, combs and arms. The mix of the two timbers provides a delightful interplay of colours.

The process of finishing the chairs includes a penetrating primer and preservative base with a protective polyurethane clear varnish. This provides a silky, smooth, satin finish which highlights the grain and has excellent protection against abrasion.
Each chair features a brass plaque fixed to the back of the seat that bears the name Tilba Chair Works and a contact phone number.  The plaque also includes a unique chair number which is used to record the chair’s provenance.  Details including date made, timber used, chair type, date sold, buyer’s details and selling price are recorded in a register which will ensure each chair is identifiable in years to come.

The aim of Tilba Chair Works is to create antiques of the future.  This is achieved by being committed to a high standard of quality to ensure the serviceability of the product for generations.